The Directors

James Hoskins

Originally trained in traditional marketing approaches in the 1980s, James was amongst the first wave of marketers to start using the world wide web as a communications and promotions channel. In those pioneering days, a lot of mistakes were made and many lessons learned to create some fundamental guiding principles that are just as valid in online channels today.

Having spent most of his career working for high technology companies in digital broadcasting, broadband, mobile and software development, James has focused in more recent years on applying this knowledge and experience in major global digital projects for household brands such as Le Creuset and Kenwood Delonghi.

Since establishing Webwiser in November 2011, James has been working primarily with public sector organisations to implement open source content technologies to help behavioural change initiatives in the field of sustainable transport.

Debbie Dyke

As owner of her own online business, The Bump Company, Debbie lives and breathes ecommerce and has spent the last 4 years growing this web operation from nothing to a customer base of over 10,000 contacts. Her passion for high quality customer service has served the business well during some of the toughest trading conditions in decades, as is evident from the many testimonials the company has received and the high level of individual and corporate repeat business that is generated.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Debbie spent the majority of her career in education and arts marketing, that included 9 years as Marketing Manager for Winchester School of Art and a further 5 years as Head of Student Marketing for the University of Southampton.

When it comes to measurable results, Debbie has considerable experience in running search marketing campaigns and the practical implementation of social media channels as a route to market.

The Service Network

Our philosophy is to work in wise and agile ways that create measurable effectiveness and value for money for our clients.  Our aim is to remain as technology and supplier neutral as possible and will make recommendations based on what makes the most sense for your organisation rather than what is most convenient to us.

Where we have a preference, it is based very much on solutions and working partners that are open, agile, responsive and reliable.

Our approach to technology evaluation is very much based on 'best fit' and we have broad background experience to draw on from multi-million dollar enterprise projects to simple and basic small business web operations.