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Could playing 'games' help safeguard our planet?

The success of the London 2012 Olympics shows that our enthusiasm for 'The Games' has not waned since our earliest civilisations battled to become Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger). As the sun sets on the Games of the XXX Olympiad and we head off to XXXI in Rio, the next 4 years have been deemed crucial by some organisations for addressing potentially one of the biggest issues facing our planet - global warming. We are just 2 short months from the half way point and the remaining 50 months will take us up to the next 'Greatest Show on Earth' in Rio 2016. London 2012 has been described as the 'greenest games ever' and this article debates quite nicely just how true this is. Regardless of the efforts that have gone into building the venues from recycled materials and creating new wildlife habitats, the article points out that ...

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WoW ! It's the Web on Wheels

I wrote recently about my delight at finding a new monthly car magazine that focuses on efficiency and sustainability while still pressing hot buttons of style and performance. The second edition of iCar has several articles on 'in-car Internet' and the different ways it is currently possible to access the Web on wheels.

You could say that the Web passed its driving test a few years ago with the arrival of high bandwidth mobile access. However, now that smartphone ownership is starting to pass the 50% mark in some countries, access and use of the Mobile Web is growing exponentially and 'in-vehicle' capabilities are improving steadily in competency and sophistication. The major challenge remains the speed with which smartphone technology is changing and the comparative slow development lifecycles of automotive technologies, restricted as they are by a myriad of safety legislation and complex supply chains.   

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