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#cmsconnected - Message received loud and clear

As a deafened person, I am celebrating the latest format CMS Connected is using for its webinars. For those who haven't seen one of these events yet they are run using TPN’s Webinar 3.0 solution which delivers high quality real-time video, excellent digital sound, contribution via Skype and Twitter for interaction.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site about hearing difficulties, I hate noise and crave clarity. Also, as my hearing continues to worsen, I rely more and more on lip-reading - so being able to see someone's face and lip movements helps tremendously in giving clarity to what is being said. Beyond that, I enjoy being able to participate but unfortunately as many CMS/IT related discussions and debates are held in very noisy locations like bars, restaurants and exhibition halls I often forgo the opportunity to do this as I know from past experiences that it will be frustrating and stressful trying to follow the topic of discussion and contribute relevantly and meaningfully.

So, from the comfort of my home office, with the video displayed in a comfortable size in one window, Twitter in another, my favourite noise cancelling earbuds in place and the volume turned way up, I sat back to enjoy the latest CMS Connected offering - 2011 Year in Review with Scott Liewehr and Seth Gottlieb (AKA The Unpronounceables ;) )

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(20)12 predictions from the CMS frontline

Around this time last year, I wrote a predictions piece about how the content technologies arena might develop during 2011 from the perspective of a CMS practitioner. I called it (20)11 predictions from the CMS coal face and it received some encouraging feedback.

Back then I was writing from the relatively comfortable position as an employee and approaching the Christmas break knowing that I had a job to go back to in the New Year and that the bills for the 'present mountain' and over-consumption of food and alcohol would all be covered.

This year is different ...

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A year of Desire

It's 12 months now since I first started using an HTC Desire smartphone and I can't think of a more aptly named device.

Before I expand on these comments - some context...

At the outset of this new century, I was involved in the development of 3G mobile internet technologies with US telco giant Lucent where we were envisaging what future services might look like. By the middle of the decade I was working for a hosted services company specializing in Windows Mobile and Blackberry based mobile email services. And, right now, I am working for a company immersed in how mobile and smartphone technologies can be integrated into cars, homes and the workplace.

So, here are five main reasons why I find the Desire so desirable?

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(20)11 predictions from the CMS coal face

I was described recently as a "self-proclaimed crusader on behalf of buyers". Despite the rather condescending tone and context of the comment, I have heard from others that alternative views of web marketing and information management from those who spend each and every day as practitioners is welcome. Those practitioners who do post comment tend to get their voices drowned out of social media by the vendors, analysts and commentators who shout a lot louder and a lot more frequently.  So in the interests of living up to that label, here are some predictions for the coming year from the CMS coal face...

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(20)10 lessons learned

The growth and evolution of social media often puts a different emphasis on the approaches to 'blogging' but I still like to use this site as a 'weblog' in its more traditional sense - as defined well over a decade ago...

A weblog often has the quality of being a kind of "log of our times" from a particular point-of-view. Generally, weblogs are devoted to one or several subjects or themes, usually of topical interest, and, in general, can be thought of as developing commentaries, individual or collective on their particular themes. A weblog may consist of the recorded ideas of an individual (a sort of diary) or be a complex collaboration open to anyone. Most of the latter are moderated discussions.

So, the following post is a mixture of business and personal lessons learned from the last 12 months - if it proves useful to others reading, that is a bonus in this instance as its primary purpose is to log some thoughts to review at a later date...

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