#cmsconnected - Message received loud and clear

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As a deafened person, I am celebrating the latest format CMS Connected is using for its webinars. For those who haven't seen one of these events yet they are run using TPN’s Webinar 3.0 solution which delivers high quality real-time video, excellent digital sound, contribution via Skype and Twitter for interaction.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site about hearing difficulties, I hate noise and crave clarity. Also, as my hearing continues to worsen, I rely more and more on lip-reading - so being able to see someone's face and lip movements helps tremendously in giving clarity to what is being said. Beyond that, I enjoy being able to participate but unfortunately as many CMS/IT related discussions and debates are held in very noisy locations like bars, restaurants and exhibition halls I often forgo the opportunity to do this as I know from past experiences that it will be frustrating and stressful trying to follow the topic of discussion and contribute relevantly and meaningfully.

So, from the comfort of my home office, with the video displayed in a comfortable size in one window, Twitter in another, my favourite noise cancelling earbuds in place and the volume turned way up, I sat back to enjoy the latest CMS Connected offering - 2011 Year in Review with Scott Liewehr and Seth Gottlieb (AKA The Unpronounceables ;) )

Having had a go on this blog over the last couple of years at predicting and reviewing CMS developments from a practitioners perspective, it was a topic I was very interested in hearing more views on.

Obviously, you will be able to watch it with all the clarity I did but, for me, the main takeaways were ...

  1. One time 'cheap and cheerful providers' like Ektron are moving up the ranks through re-architecting and innovation and increasingly targeting the enterprise space
  2. Just being able to publish content doesn't cut it in the vendor space anymore, hence the emphasis on doing more with that content to meet business need (Personally I think this has been understood since the first generation of CMS vendors and the dotcom boom, but clearly more vendors have got the message now)
  3. Social is a 'where do we publish' problem given the proliferation in channels. It also provides 'the body language' for the online world. (A particularly good metaphor I thought)
  4. Despite it being said for a number of years now, organisations are being slow to prioritise and optimise content for mobile
  5. Adobe/Day was the most significant acquisition of 2011. Acquisition detracts from innovation. And SAP may well snap up a CMS vendor (possibly Coremedia) in 2012
  6. Ones to watch in 2012 are European vendors and, particularly, the open source offering and ecosystem from Drupal!

After many years of sampling the delights of CMS's large, small and in-between I have been putting more of my eggs in one basket over the last year so I was understandably pleased to hear that leading pundits in this space think Drupal is going to make a bigger mark in 2012.

Message received loud and clear !

(please note:- In my enthusiasm for the format and topic, I am aware that I tweeted a lot during the event yesterday. Presumably some people use hashtag muting for when things get noisy from live event tweeting but for those who don't, I apologise for filling your feed with a bit too much #cmsconnected)