The term 'commerce' has some very broad definitions.

"Commerce is a system or an environment that affects the business prospects of an economy or a nation-state. We can also define it as a second component of business which includes all activities, functions and institutions involved in transferring goods from producers to consumers."

We love websites that sell - we love them because in an environment with a confusing array of analytics and metrics, making a sale is an unambiguous result. Unless you have done something right, your web users are going to be thinking very hard about parting with their credit card details online.

Webwiser can help you take the plunge in transacting online and can help you develop existing environments to improve their performance.

12 key ways Webwiser can help your organisation ...

1. Strategic consultancy

"James provided sound strategic advice and planning for the Discover Southampton and My Journey projects. He understands the importance of the customer journey and can bridge technical necessities and trends with client demands."

Rosanna Coppen
Communications Manager
Southampton City Council

There are many organisations you can go to who will build you a pretty and impressive looking website but is it going to deliver the results you need?

We are a new company but bring many years of marketing and web experience to the table, experience gained from grafting at the coal face and getting our hands dirty. We know the importance of measurable results, user driven development and delivering to budgets. We have worked across B2B and B2C organisations of all shapes and sizes and understand challenges from business perspectives.

2. Technology evaluation
Web marketers are becoming spoiled for choice when it comes to web technologies. More choice isn't always a good thing as it complicates decisions and makes it easier to take the wrong direction.

In tough economic times you need to make wise decisions about which direction to take. We can help you assess and identify the technologies that best fit your digital marketing and web challenges.

3. Content creation
No matter how much hype, buzzwords and recreations of principles we go through, content still comes at the top of the needs list for many organisations. You need content to sell well; to inspire and grow your community; to give purpose to your communications.

We can help you identify and unlock the potential in your organisation and provide a framework that empowers subject matter experts to contribute that useful, accurate and credible content.

4. Commerce implementation
Quite often, adding a shopping cart component to your website is the easiest part of selling online. It's the changes this forces on other aspects of your organisation that can provide the bigger challenge.

We can help you assess, develop strategies and support implementation of commerce initiatives based on experiences across a broad range of product and service sectors.

"James' approach  translates into a fresh and effective way of delivering actual results. Campaigns and marketing initiatives are based on properly considered objectives and are carefully thought out. In every case this has resulted in real and measurable results - increased web site traffic, more customer enquiries, higher search engine rankings, more business done."

Nigel Jackson
Norrsken Windows

5. Community development
The growth of social media makes the prospect of creating 'communities of interest' around what your organisation provides much easier than before.

We can help with identifying where best to target your social media efforts and the pitfalls to avoid.

6. Communication planning
Can you communicate too much? We think you can and it is one of the biggest dangers in digital marketing these days.

We can help you plan and integrate your email marketing activities and inbound lead generation in ways that enhance your brand rather than devalue it.

7. Search marketing
Despite the rise of social media, for many organisations it's the Google search results that make the difference between a good day and a very bad day.

We can help you analyse and improve your pay-per-click and organic search return performance based on many years experience of doing this for a diverse range of organisations.

8. Measuring results
You can track almost every element of your digital marketing and web development these days and often for free. The real challenge is interpreting the analytics and gaining insight on which action can be taken.

Let us help you navigate through the myriad of data and pitfalls in analysis to gain the information that's really useful and will make a difference to your organisation's performance.

"As a client, developing a complex website and journey planner covering a large area and with many different stakeholders, it would not have been possible to achieve our goals without James's professional approach and dedication to getting the job done.

I thoroughly recommend James to anyone."

Lee Parker
LSTF Project Manager
Hampshire Councils

9. Testing and usability
In the dynamic environment of digital marketing and web development you have tremendous opportunities to test your designs and campaign approaches economically and effectively.

We can help you establish frameworks and processes for testing and support you in analysing the results and identifying meaningful actions.

10. Coaching and training
Your organisation will benefit far more from empowering its own people to do stuff for themselves than relying on third parties to do basic things for you.

We are passionate about helping people embrace and make positive use of content technologies.

11. Globalisation support
When it comes to producing digital marketing and web developments in multiple languages, you will discover quickly that not all systems are created equally.

We have considerable experience in developing and implementing multi-lingual digital marketing and web development strategies.

12. Social Media integration
With the proliferation of social media channels in recent years, the challenge is not so much setting up the environments but doing so in a way that is effective and efficient.

We can help you assess the best channels for your messages and objectives and make sure content is being developed without excessive and unnecessary duplication.